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Error-prone machine to machine language

Images are one of the very basic nutritional sources of our time – We communicate with images, we store our experiences in them and the images we create shape new images with altered meanings.

As one of the opening projects of the newly founded Institute for interactive practices of digital design (IPDD) the seminar is dealing with our different perception of images and architecture of languages. In human language, interpretation is a fluid process – double meanings and mistakes are essential part of it. Algorithmic languages instead work with fixed types of data like numbers and boolean values and are designed to leave as little room for interpretation as possible.

Listen to sound samples from the installation

The installation explores how machines might be communicating and what happens when human and binary logics clash together: A machine translates a small image into sound and sends it to a second machine which records and translates the received sound into a new image, translates it back into an image and sends it over to the first machine. As a loop, the process will continue along the three exhibition days.

The sound spectrum of transmission will be in a spectrum that's audible to the human ear and, for this reason, it might as well be interfered by the very human. Hence the installation will capture and represent the density, noise and general mood of the exhibition.

See the Making-of to learn more about the project and the algorithm in use.





  • Grischa Erbe